Solar panels for the Community

Chelsfield Solar install solar photovoltaic panels for community projects throughout Kent, Hertfordshire, London and the surrounding counties. Solar panels are not just for homeowners – solar power is just as suitable for community projects.

Solar panels

We will give unbiased advice on which solar panel would be most suitable for your solar PV community project. We have installed many hundreds of solar panel photovoltaic systems throughout many of London’s surrounding counties such as Kent, Hertfordshire, London, Essex, Surrey and Oxfordshire, among others. We have a wealth of solar PV installation knowledge and experience since we became solar PV installers in 2002, after solely being electrical contractors for 14 years. Please see our informative solar photovoltaic website for detailed and unbaised information on solar panels. Alternatively please contact us and we will be more than happy to help with any solar panels for a solar photovoltaic community project you may have.

For a comprehensive understanding of solar PV visit our Guide to Solar and our Jargon Buster document. For case studies of a couple of community projects we have previously installed please click here

If you are looking for maintenance or repair services for a solar PV system, including those installed by third party organisations, please click here.

If you have any queries please Contact Us.