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Feed in Tariff scheme

The government has a Feed-in Tariff scheme whereby you will receive a payment for solar PV generated electricity.

The Feed in Tariff (FIT) is a government run scheme designed to encourage the uptake of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. The amount paid is for everything generated irrespective of whether it is used at the time or not and you will also be paid for electricity exported back to the National Grid. In addition, you will also save by not importing electricity from your supplier if you use the solar PV electricity at the time of generation, which future proofs against rising energy prices.

How does it work?

Generation Tariff
Your electricity supplier will pay you a set rate for each kWh (unit) of electricity that is generated. The rate you will receive depends on the date your electricity supplier receives the correctly completed application from, which we can help you with if needed.

Export tariff
In addition to the generation tariff your electricity supplier will also pay you a further rate for what is exported back to the national grid. Currently most suppliers assume 50% will be used in the home and 50% will be exported. When Smart meters are introduced UK wide this may change as these meters have the capability of recording the exact export generation element.

Electricity bill savings
If you can use the solar PV generated electricity at the time it is being produced (during daylight hours) you will not be importing this amount from the national grid and so your electricity bills will be lower, giving you a further saving. The more you can use at the time of generation, the higher the saving you will make.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
In order to qualify for the FIT scheme, the products and the installer need to be MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified. Both Chelsfield Solar and the products we install are MCS accedited. The FIT rate you will receive depends on the date of eligibility as well as the level of EPC your building has. Your building needs to have a Level D or above in order to obtain the highest FIT rate. If your property does not have an EPC already we recommend you obtain one, which needs to be dated before the date of the solar PV commissioning date. Please talk to us about this for more information.

How do I apply?

MCS Route
If your solar PV system is 50kW or less you will apply through the MCS route. You will need to obtain the FIT form from your electricity supplier, as the FIT payments are a contract between you and your supplier.

The ROO-FIT accreditation process is for solar PV installations over 50kW. There are two options for application being either Full ROO-FIT or FIT preliminary accreditation; the best option depends on what the likely date of the solar PV system commissioning date will be. Please talk to us for more information.

What is the rate?
The FIT scheme changed in February 2016 and Ofgem, who adminsters the scheme, publish the tariffs at the start of each quarter. The rates offered are subject to deployment in the previous quarter so we cannot confirm what future rates will be. However, the current rates are below. These assume the building has an EPC of Level D or above and that you don't own more than 25 solar PV systems:

FIT tariff rates 01 April 2018 - 30 June 2018

Solar energyLess than 10 kWp - 4.01p/kWh generated
Solar energy10-50 kWp - 4.25p/kWh generated
Solar energy50-250 kWp - 1.85p/kWh generated
Solar energyExport rate - 5.24p/kWh - most suppliers currently assume 50% is exported but this may change when Smart meters are installed

NB - buildings without an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of Level D or above will get a reduced tariff but still with the export tariff