The Process


Community solar panels

Chelsfield Solar are experienced in delivering solar PV solutions to a host of differing organisations: community groups, churches, schools, social enterprises and not for profit groups. Our aim is to make the process from initial project idea through to installation and project completion as smooth, easy and stress free as possible. Delivering a complete solar PV solution both on time and on budget.

Choosing to fit solar PV panels can drastically reduce your organisational running costs and help your group make a positive impact on the environment. Below are two recent case studies of our work within the Community and Public Sector. You can view them by clicking on the following links: We operate in Kent, London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties installing solar photovoltaic panels for commercial projects. We provide a comprehensive service to ensure your solar power commercial project goes smoothly whether for a retrofit solar panel installation or a new build project. We have experience with many kinds of solar photovoltaic commercial projects since 2002 and as an independent accredited solar PV installer, you can be assured of an unbiased approach. We will give advice on which solar panel would be most suitable for your project (as there are numerous types of solar panels and cells available with differing costs and outputs).

Chelsfield Solar will be more than happy to discuss your solar photovoltaic project in more detail so please contact us and have a look through our comprehensive solar website for further information and a selection of some of our completed solar panel installations.

With a solar PV system, the solar generated electricity is used at the time of generation first by any electrical appliances that require electricity at that time. If the PV system is generating more electricity than the building requires then the excess is automatically exported to the National Grid. If the PV system is not producing enough electricity to cover your usage then any additional is pulled from the National Grid in the normal way.

The Chelsfield Solar team has been involved in many school projects and we are keen to continue the trend. Solar PV is especially suited to schools as there are educational benefits in addition to environmental ones. It provides a great opportunity to make future generations aware of the potential of solar electricity. To help with using the system for demonstration purposes we can install a display unit to show the current output of the system, the cumulative generation since the system was installed and the associated carbon dioxide savings. We can also arrange a session with teaching staff and Governing Bodies as an introduction to solar PV and its many benefits.

Churches and Community Centres
If you would like to reduce the carbon footprint or the electricity bills of your church or community centre a solar PV system may be the solution. We have installed solar PV systems on buildings ranging from a medieval church to brand new modern buildings! Community and church buildings are often an ideal application for solar power, as generally the majority of their electricity demand is during daytime hours when a solar PV system will naturally be generating its own clean source of electricity. Solar energy gives long term security against rising electricity prices and with the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme the building can earn additional revenue at the same time for the full term of the scheme.

Housing Associations
Many Housing Associations are turning to PV because it has long-term benefits in the struggle against fuel poverty. Housing Associations also have the unique advantage of carrying out regular roofing maintenance. This means that some of the costs e.g. scaffolding, can be reduced when PV is incorporated into the maintenance programme.

This diagram outlines the typical process of community solar pv projects.

Solar panels process overview

Please visit our Latest Tariffs page to find out more about the Feed-In-Tariffs.

For a comprehensive understanding of solar PV visit our Guide to Solar and it is worth looking at our short Jargon Buster document. If you have any queries please Contact Us.