The Process


Commercial solar panels

Our aim is to make the process from initial project idea through to installation and project completion as smooth, easy and stress free as possible. We aim to delivering a complete solar PV solution both on time and on budget.

We operate in Kent, London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties installing solar photovoltaic panels for commercial projects. We provide a comprehensive service to ensure your solar power commercial project goes smoothly whether for a retrofit solar panel installation or a new build project. We have experience with many kinds of solar photovoltaic commercial projects since 2002 and as an independent accredited solar PV installer, you can be assured of an unbiased approach. We will give unbiased advice on which solar panel would be most suitable for your project as there are numerous types of solar panels and cells available with differing dimensions, costs and outputs).

Chelsfield Solar will be more than happy to discuss your solar photovoltaic project in more detail so please contact us and have a look through our comprehensive solar website for further information and a selection of some of our completed solar panel installations.

With a solar PV system, the solar generated electricity is used at the time of generation first by any electrical appliances that require electricity at that time. If the PV system is generating more electricity than the building requires then the excess is automatically exported to the National Grid. If the PV system is not producing enough electricity to cover your usage then any additional is pulled from the National Grid in the normal way. We can install a solar panel system either to individual supplies or a landlord supply, subject to the project requirements.

Selling electricity
The government has a Feed-in Tariff/Renewable Obligation scheme whereby the end user/landlord/building owner will receive a payment for solar PV generated electricity. Depending on the size of the proposed installion we can confirm the best route for the correct payment scheme for the solar project

Please visit our Latest Tariffs page to find out more about the Feed-In-Tariffs.

Chelsfield Electrical Ltd (parent company of Chelsfield Solar) are NIC/EIC approved electrical contractors and we are happy to quote for the electrical works too, if required.

This diagram outlines the typical process of commercial solar pv projects.

Solar panels process overview

For a comprehensive understanding of solar PV visit our Guide to Solar and if you have any queries please Contact Us for a no obligation estimate for your project.