New Build

New Build

Solar panels for new-build properties

Whether your project is for a new build garage, an extension, a complete house or a number of any of these, a solar PV system can be incorporated into the build programme.
Solar panel integrated

Chelsfield Solar have expertise in a broad spectrum of solar PV products, not just of different manufacturers’ solar panels but also in solar tiles, integrated panels and a wide range of flat and pitched roof mounting systems.

On multiple property residential solar projects, we will work with your SAP assessor or energy consultant to identify the most appropriate solar technology for your project. Once a suitable solar product has been selected, our experienced Project Delivery Team will design, supply, install and commission the system for you.

For smaller developments or one-off home builders we can bring our extensive specialist experience to your project so you get the benefit of knowing you are in the safe hands of professional PV experts.

Intially we would require plans of the project in either AutoCad or pdf format and from this we can give you initial information on the most suitable solar product. Depending on the requirement, you may either have a particular kWh/year you need to achieve or an overall kWp system size and we can help narrow down the options for you.

For an understanding of solar PV visit our Guide to Solar and our Jargon Buster document but please do Contact Us us at the earliest stages of your new build project to see how Chelsfield Solar can support you to achieve the best possible outcome. By incorporating solar PV from the onset it will save you time and expense as we will install it at the relevant stage of the build programme.